Influencer Application


Whether you happen to be a social media personality or a blogger, we are excited to have you join our amazing company.  We love working with all our influencers and we are happy to share the love and passion for our products.  In return, we ask for you to promote Lily Rose Co.'s products to your loyal followers!

Reasons you should work for Lily Rose Co.™

Lily Rose Co.™ is a small family business which we dedicate our passion to the products we believe in.  All our products are individually handcrafted with a personal touch.  All our products are naturally made with organic ingredients- Cruelty free and toxic free.  

With the help of our influencers we have been able to spread our brand further.  We are always looking to expand our products and with you as part of the family there is no telling how many more people we can reach.

Every influencer that works with us will receive the following:

  • Free monthly product(s) for you to promote
  • Opportunity to earn commissions through personal discount code

Our requirements

  1. Must follow Lily Rose Co.™ on all of your active social media accounts and allow us to follow back.
  2. For every month product, you must create a minimum of 1 permanent social media post, plus 3 temporary social media posts (i.e., instagram stories, Facebook stories, TikTok stories) that demonstrate the look, feel, smell & effectiveness of our products.
  3. For each post, must tag Lily Rose Co.™ social media account(s) with relevant hashtags we will provide & personal discount code.
  4. Must be 18+

*The extact details of your posting expectations will be written in your influencer agreement (contract).

Let's get started

Once you have read over this information, fill out an influencer application at the bottom of this page, where you'll introduce yourself and share your social media handles.  Once we receive the information we will review it and reply to you.  

Please keep in mind we have limited space for influencer budget, so unfortunately we cannot collaborate with each incredible influencer who reach out to us.  For any reason your application is not considered, we will keep on file for future consideration! 

We love each of our influencers as not only part of our team, but part of our little family!  Welcome to Lily Rose Co.™